Orthodontics For Children

Because Dr. Laprade is a highly trained orthodontic specilaist, your child could not be in better care.  He will begin by profesionally administering your child a thorough orthodontic craniofacial exam in order to provide the best treatment plan possible using the most current techniques. We use only digital photography and digital x-ray technology as well as digital cephalemetric anylasys.

 Dr. Laprade strongly believes in the importance of the timing of treatment in order to keep total treatment time and cost to a minimum.  Early treatment is only recommended where there is scientific evidence to support more than one phase of treatment.  Most treatment is accomplished in approximately a two year period of active treatment and in just ONE PHASE.  By Dr. Laprade carefully monitoring both the growth of your child and the eruption of the permanent dentition, he will carefully time the start of your child's treatment to coincide with the natural growth and developemnt of your child while keeping extractions of permanent teeth to a minimum.


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