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Mystique MB

Improved performance -- brilliant aesthetics.
MystiqueMB is top choice for the growing number of teens and adults seeking aesthetic treatment, now approaching one-quarter of all orthodontic patients.  Mystique is highly translucent, appearing to blend with the enamel from distance of one meter. Furthermore, the silica-lined slot provides greater aesthetics over other brackets while simultaneously reducing friction.

This second generation ceramic bracket incorporates a thoroughly tested and provenmechanical  lock base system into the design, ensuring reliable bonding and debonding performance.


Superior Translucency

MystiqueMB has an optimal level of translucency and blends in perfectly with every shade of enamel. The aesthetics are further complemented by the revolutionary silica slot liner. In fact, from a distance of only one meter, Mystique MB is virtually invisible to the naked eye.


Unparalleled strength and durability.

While aesthetics are certainly an important aspect of ceramic brackets; the strength and durability of the brackets themselves is even more critical. A thoroughly tested and proven second generation mechanical lock base system ensures reliable bonding and debonding, while super heated glazing ensures overall structural integrity.


Debonding made easy.

With a mechanical lock and beveled edges, debonding with the new MystiqueMB is a breeze. Just remove any excess flash, squeeze at the base/tooth interface to remove the bracket.


 The Silica Slot difference.

A virtually invisible silica lining takes the place of unsightly metal slots found in other ceramic brackets providing a more aesthetically pleasing bracket with optimal sliding mechanics. The silica slot lining process results in a true rectangular slot that has uncompromising torque.

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